Tuesday, July 12, 2016

China Days, Part 1

 The Bird's Nest, built for the 2008 Olympics, 
still an exceptional structure.

From a Hutong rooftop, the ancient Drum Temple
still rises above the city.
The Bird's Nest dominates the Olympic Park.
At night the Bird's Nest reveals another dimension
of it's unique design.
The Temple of Heaven, a venerable presence
in an ancient city. 

The remarkable Water Cube,
a mesmerizing part of the extraordinary
Olympic Park.

Good night, Beijing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Paradise Redux

Photographs from my recent travels in Mexico; to Mahekal at Playa del Carmen, and on to Pedregal at Cabo San Lucas. 
There is incredible beauty there, and wonderful people.
Enjoy the view!

The sea. To be on that boat, with the salt breeze in your face
and the sun on your skin...

Mahekal. The drink options are perfect. I will have something tall and cool.
Then maybe a beverage...

A perfect day for a sail. Or to simply sit and watch a boat.

El Farallon, at Pedregal. This may be the best place for dinner, anywhere.

My favorite pool, at El Fuego, Mahekal. The best night swimming anywhere.

There are few more dramatic entrances than the incredible tunnel to Pedregal.

This place. This time. Perfection. Pedregal.

The perfect cocktail non-lounge, at Pedregal.

Sun... water... a cool drink... yes, please.

It simply does not get much better. Pedregal.

Pedregal. Yes.

Pedregal yoga. Om...
The perfect way to start the day.